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Education projects all have the same requirement to provide a conducive environment for people to learn but can also take different forms depending on the needs of the people seeking the education.

The most effective education projects are often those which come from the community and where there is a clearly identified community need, community ownership of the problem, determination to find its solution, and community resourcing to make it happen. The demand from the community can occur at various levels which would include providing the appropriate environment for school students to learn and through to adult education at universities, colleges and art schools. The variety places different requirements on the facility such as with the National Art School refurbishment of Building 11 which provided studio space for post graduate students through to our involvement in the design competition for the Cranbrook School Wolgan Valley Retreat which provides a reflective experience for the students which is separated from the daily distractions at the school campus.


Total value:

$165 million

Selected Education Projects

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