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The Retail sector in Australia has been a strong financial sector for many years and continues to offer growth through the development of new and existing assets.

Our involvement in Retail ranges from city centre to regional and sub regional areas, with each project dictating its own unique requirements for a successful retail offering. These include the need to work with multiple tenants of varying scale and type and provide an environment that will encourage people to be regular visitors. As with most buildings constructed today, retail centres have a strong sustainable requirement in their design and operations and a belief that they should be an integral part of the local community.

These aspects of Retail have all been reflected in the projects we have been involved giving us a comprehensive understanding of the design and cost requirements for the development of Retail projects.

Following is a selection of Retail projects where we have provided pre-contract cost planning services and both pre- and post-contract services.


Total value:

$3 billion

Selected Retail Projects

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